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Renovations to Westwego Pump Station No. 1 (Public Works Project No. 2006-025-DR)


Jefferson Parish, LA


Jefferson, LA


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC

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M.R. Pittman was the prime contractor for the construction of a new pump station on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish. The scope included the new construction of a pile supported pump intake basin, structural concrete walls, elevated concrete pump deck and a control room constructed on top of the pump deck. Equipment installations for this project included two 100 CFS pumps, which were each electrically driven by its own 400 HP vertical motor. Back-up power for the new pump station required installation of two 600KW generators. The project scope also included the installation of 380 feet of 48” steel discharge pipe. This project presented numerous challenges during construction, mainly due to limited site access for construction and building the new pump station within 6 feet of the existing pump station.

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