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WBV-81 30" Chevron Pipeline Crossing, Orleans and Plaquemines Parishes


US Army Corps of Engineers


Algiers, LA



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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC was a turnkey subcontractor for Healtheon in construction of new flood protection structures at the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Pump Station No. 13 in Algiers, LA.  The project involved construction of multiple temporary retaining structures around an existing 30” high pressure gas main operated by Chevron.  Cranes were mobilized via barge due to limited and restricted access to the work areas.  Upon completion of the temporary retaining structures, M.R. Pittman excavated to expose the 30” high pressure gas main and drove 11,000 LF of steel H-Piling.  New concrete T-walls  were constructed in place taking great care as to not damage the 30” gas line which remained operational at all times.  Reconstruction of the levees followed behind the temporary flood protection structures as this work was performed during hurricane season.

(504) 733-3040
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