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Emergency Repairs – Pump Station No. 20 (Amid) Pump 1 Repair


Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC

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Under the emergency contract from city wide flooding on August 5, 2017 requirements were immediate mobilization and 24/7 work until complete.  Work consisted of pulling, gathering and shipping off as needed all components of Pump No. 1 to have back in service as quickly as possible.  The 250 CFS vertical pump needed repairs, impeller machining and balancing, new diffuser cast and machining, right angle gear refurbishment, motor inspection and refurbishment, reconnection of all electrical, seal water and cooling water lines, testing and commissioning.

(504) 733-3040
171 I-310 Service Road,
st rose, la 7008
(504) 733-3040         171 I-310 Service Road, st rose, la 70087