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Permanent Canals and Closure Pumps (PCCP)


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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PCCP is constructing permanent gated storm surge barriers and three brick façade pump stations adjacent to Lake Pontchartrain. The three stations will have a pumping capacity of 2,700 cfs, 9,000 cfs, and 12,600 cfs The pump stations are concrete substructures with steel/precast superstructures, an intake at -39.0’, siphon type pumps driven by electric motors, and power from separate generator buildings. PCCP is also constructing control stations, surge gate structures, and associated flood protection (T-walls and levee tie-ins). The main works are built inside a cofferdam. These pumps will move rainwater out of the canals, around the gates, and into Lake Pontchartrain during a tropical weather event, and will be equipped with a stand-alone emergency power supply capacity to allow operations independently of any publically provided utility. Work includes a test pile program, site grading and drainage, installation of surcharge material, temporary and permanent pile, demolition of existing structures, removal of existing pile and levees and cofferdam pile, and dredging and de-watering.

M.R. Pittman Group, LLC is a joint venture partner on this project.

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