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New Parish Line Pump Station – Phase I


Jefferson Parish Department of Drainage


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC

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The projects consists of a new pump station to be built adjacent to and existing pump station.  The new pump station will include a capacity of 350 CFS via one vertical impeller type pump.  Pump Drive system will be diesel engine, and right angle gear.  New construction of the building is structural steel and pre-cast wall panels.  Discharge of the station will be in 84” discharge pipe to penetrate the West Return Floodwall and into the West Return Canal.  New fuel tanks, underground fuel piping, associated process piping, intake canal modifications, trash rakes, electrical, instrumentation and controls also is included.  The discharge basin in the West Return Canal will be built for this and future expansion consisting of a sheet pile box, pipe fender system and rip rap.

(504) 733-3040
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(504) 733-3040         171 I-310 Service Road, st rose, la 70087