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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC was the prime contractor for the drainage improvements at the Mazoue Ditch in River Ridge, LA.  This particular project was the fifth phase of a total of six phases which originally began in 1996 in an effort to improve drainage from storm events in the vicinity.  This phase of the project proved to the most challenging due to limited or no access to construct the steel sheet pile and reinforced concrete canal flume sections.  The project work was divided into two main sections of canal flume.  The first section included the installation of a sheet pile section with reinforced concrete bottom and concrete caps along with the adjustment of other utilities over 700 LF of canal.  The second section included the installation of 315 LF of 10’x8' reinforced concrete box culvert and adjustment of other utilities.  M.R. Pittman engineered an elevated access road which spanned 700 LF to permit the construction of sheet pile wall sections and reinforced concrete bottom while elevated in the center of the canal section.  The entire canal was required to remain operational at all times which proved to be unique challenge but the end results were successful.

(504) 733-3040
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