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Installation of the Auxillary Power at the Marrero Wastewater Treatment Plant (SCIP Project No. C3112A)


Jefferson Parish, LA


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC

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M.R. Pittman was the prime contractor to construct complete in place and ready to operate: an auxiliary power supply system at the Marrero Wastewater Treatment Plant. The auxiliary power supply system was installed to automatically provide power to operate the treatment plant in the event of power loss from the utility company. The system consisted of one 1500KW, fully enclosed, diesel operated generator with diesel storage tank, and an Electrical Powerhouse Enclosure which contained the electrical switchgear and ATS and connected to the wastewater plant power distribution system, all mounted on pile-supported slabs. M.R. Pittman Group was responsible for potholing and mapping existing utilities prior to proceeding with the pile driving operation. Utilities included 24”, 36” and 48” sewer force mains that were in close proximity to the pile driving operation. Construction of the project was very successful, on time and under budget.

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