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Carbon Slurry Feed Systems (Eastbank and Westbank)


Jefferson Parish Water Department


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC


Jefferson, LA and Gretna, LA

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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC was the prime contractor for the construction of two new carbon slurry feed structures located at the Eastbank Water Treatment Plant and Westbank Water Treatment Plant in Jefferson Parish.  The project consisted of pile founded, cast-in-place concrete foundations, 25’ tall concrete walls 3’ thick, concrete roof decks along with highly complicated mechanical package and sitework packages.  The project required several thousands of feet of mechanical and process piping companied by site utility work including hot taps and tie-in’s inside of the fully operational Water Treatment Plants.  The intent of the system was to have the capability to dose the large water reserve surplus for the Eastbank and Westbank of Jefferson Parish with powder activated carbon in the event there is an oil or chemical spill in the Mississippi River where both plants draw raw water from the river for treatment and conversion to drinking water.  There were several challenging aspects of the project as this was the first system of its kind in the local region.  M.R. Pittman answered these challenges by working with the engineers and Water Treatment Plant Management to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct many of the mechanical issues that were discovered from the initial design of the system.  Being that this project was the first of its kind locally, many of the systems were modified in-place in order to achieve the end vision of the carbon slurry treatment process.  Both structures along with all of the associated utility work were completed simultaneously while maintaining the construction schedule and completing the project on-time to Jefferson Parish.

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