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Redundant Pump Station at Michoud NASA Facility




NASA, Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA


Broadmoor-Pittman, JV

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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC was a joint venture partner with Broadmoor, LLC in constructing a 250,000 GPM pump station with four 54” vertical axis storm water pumps and all related equipment such as right angle gear drive motors, diesel driven engines and full standby power generation capabilities. The new pump station also contained full electrical, instrumentation and controls packages that allowed local and remote utilization of the pumping system from within the pump station, from a newly constructed elevated safe house that allowed pump station operators to remain onsite despite hurricane force winds and flooding, and multiple control centers ranging from three to 50 miles away, including the NASA Stennis Space Center in South Mississippi.  M.R. Pittman worked to deliver a fully functional storm water pump station capable of pumping 250,000 GPM at over 40 feet of head ahead of the contract completion date in the mist of design issues prior to the 2013 hurricane season.

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