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A very fun-filled day was had by all at our 9th Annual Crawfish Boil.  Thank you to all who attended and participated in the festivities. Each year those employees that are celebrating 5 or 10 years of employment with M.R. Pittman are recognized and thanked for all of their hard work and  dedication to the company. In

This $23,092,500 project consists of upgrade to and rehabilitation of the existing Oak Street Pump Station.  The work includes but is not limited to demolition of existing pumps, valves, piping , electrical, controls, HVAC, rooms, grating system, supports, concrete and other components within the station.  It also includes installation of new pumps, piping, valves, HVAC,

This $9,990,000 project will include a new Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection System, rebuild of the existing non-potable Water Pump System, and Odor Control Systems.  The project also includes all Demolition Work and Legal Off-Site Disposal of Demolished Items, Yard Piping, Civil/Site Work, Electrical, I&C, HVAC, Structural, Architectural, and other Miscellaneous Items.

10 years of experience needed. Project Manager and Estimator with success overseeing all production, budgets, safety, scheduling and quality control phases of multi-million dollar construction projects for Heavy/Municipal/Public Works Projects.  Experience in coordinating mechanical, structural, pile driving, and electrical systems. Bachelor’s in Construction Management or Civil Engineering Degree required. Send Resume to NEWHIRE@MRPITTMAN.COM

(504) 733-3040
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