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WBV-16b Bayou Segnette Pumping Stations No. 1 and 2 Fronting Protection and Modifications


US Army Corps of Engineers


Jefferson Parish, LA


M.R. Pittman Group, LLC

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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC was the prime contractor involved in the construction of a 600 CFS temporary bypass pumping station in order to facilitate the installation of new fronting protection at Bayou Segnette Pumping Stations No. 1 and 2.  As part of the New Orleans Hurricane Protection Project for the West Bank and Vicinity, the project was constructed to prevent storm surge from damaging two critical drainage pumping stations on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish as well as providing the ability to remotely close all discharge tubes in the event of operator evacuation during a continuous flood event.  The project provided many challenges throughout all phases of construction and also required full bypass pumping during two flood events while maintaining flood protection and preventing local storm water from damaging nearby facilities and local neighborhoods.

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