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M.R. Pittman Group, LLC is made up of a management team that is deep rooted in the construction industry of Southeast Louisiana. For three generations the Pittman family has been synonymous with quality construction projects for the local municipalities, state and federal government and private ownership projects.

Our philosophy at M.R. Pittman Group is to provide high quality work within the scope, time and budget provided. The more complex the project, the more we feel we can help. We have our own in house design team to handle all formwork, TRS, dewatering, and other items necessary for infrastructure projects in Southeast Louisiana.

We have a streamlined management team that has complete authority to act on the company’s behalf to help provide an immediate response to changes or challenges that sometimes arise. Each of our project managers is involved in a project from the bidding phase through the completion of the project.

M.R. Pittman Group takes tremendous pride in our performance so we are very selective during the bidding process. Each prospective project is reviewed to determine how it fits in not only what we do, but in how well we can do the project at the budget, timeframe and scope provided.

We own a complete fleet of heavy construction equipment that is maintained and serviced internally as well as the trucking to get the equipment needed to the project location timely.

(504) 733-3040
171 I-310 Service Road,
st rose, la 7008
(504) 733-3040         171 I-310 Service Road, st rose, la 70087